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At our pottery studio...

At Mandala Pottery most of our production pieces are high-fired in a wood and/or gas kiln to 1300 degrees centigrade.
All our works are totally lead-free and food-safe. Our products are microwave and dishwashing-machine safe. If you would like to use our ceramic works in an electric or gas oven, the only way to prevent thermal shock is to put the ceramic works into the oven at the time of starting the heat process. Putting them in pre-heated ovens will lead to breakage.

Gas KilnGas Kiln
Wood Kiln Wood Kiln


Most of the clay we use is locally made at the pottery, the ingredients being sourced from various places within India. We have a “sourcing materials from closer, the better” policy! However, some clay like porcelain, which are geologically not available in India, we source from
the far-east.

Our products are wheel-thrown, slab-rolled or slip-cast. For certain exhibition works, we undertake the smoke-firing process or
raku techniques.

Clay making tanks
Clay making tanks
Wood piles Cash crop

We have a vast array of glazes, all of which have been tested and developed by us at the studio.
Our glazes are lead-free and totally food-safe.
The wood we use as fuel for the wood-kiln is locally grown; most of it is specifically grown as a cash crop, to be specifically used as fuel.