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Chinmayi's Studio

Mandala Pottery was started by Chinmayi in 1994.
Soon afterwards she asked Anamika to join.
max- Starting from scratch, slowly they mastered the processes of throwing, making glazes, loading and firing kilns for production, and running a unit.

Krishnamoorthy joined the work in 1995, a very welcome presence.

Customers were coming back for more, orders were becoming regular, and help was needed with the hands-on chores in order to free Chinmayi and Anamika to make all the products on the potter's wheel.

By 1998 they could no longer make enough by themselves to fulfill the demands of the customers, and so began a liaison between Mandala Pottery and a potter in a near-by village.
Mandala did not have permission from its community to expand by hiring more employees, so they turned to out-sourcing for the support they needed. Indeed, they looked forward to cooperation with the potters in the surrounding area. Now it became possible to take many orders, from all over India and occasionally from abroad as well. Today Loganathan and his workers are throwing and bisque-firing the shapes.

The bisque ware is brought to Mandala, where the Mandala team glazes, decorates and fires the pots to completion. Because of this collaboration, Loganathan was able to start his own small pottery, which has now grown into a production unit with 10 employees.

Adil joined Mandala in 2001, at a time when they were expanding the pottery physically, encompassing more space and making a big gas-fired kiln to meet the orders. They were ready to take on a new adventure. Adil brought with him his architectural background and soon they were making murals and tiles.

Gas and wood kiln
Production Work
Anamika's Studio
Glazing Shed